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March 23, 2011

Preparing to such journey is much about learning about the places to be visited, and studying experience of previous travelers. I'm not going to be the first one to cycle on this route. It would be shameful not to read books or watch movies about the parts of the world I intend to travel through.

In my search of inspirations I focus mostly on Africa. Europe is quite well known to me and also I touched the Middle Eastern culture too. Further, there lies a mystery.


The unquestionable master, pioneer and ideal to follow is, of course, Kazimierz Nowak, who crossed Africa southwards and back in 1931-1936. Alone, by bike, on foot, riding a horse and sailing on a boat, carrying entire darkroom with him. His achievement is not going to be eclipsed by anyone, as in the age of Internet, cell phones and dense network of airlines such a brave journey is simply impossible. I recommend a great book, which is a compilation of his long letters sent along the route – "Rowerem i pieszo przez Czarny Ląd" ("By bike and on foot through the Black Land"). There is no translation available, still.

The exact Nowak's path is being followed precisely by a bicycle relay – Afryka Nowaka (Nowak's Africa). It's participants might be met easily at any travelers' gathering in Poland.

Nowadays there are lots of two-wheeled travelers, but one of them inspired me so greatly, I decided to wander the world on a bike. This man is Peter Gostelow, who came back from Japan to his home in Great Britain and now, when I'm typing these words, is crossing Africa from Morocco to the South.

I know about only single individual who completed the route I'm planning. His name is Pete Mounfield. Unfortunately, in Africa he quit blogging, but eventually reached his destination.



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In March I gave an interview to Radio Microwave. You may listen to the recording in the archive. The talk was in Polish, but we had also a plenty of great music from Africa playing there.


11 years, 10 months ago
Hej Michal,
pozdrowienia z Wro! Kibicujemy Tobie z Tomkiem :) I z ciekawoscia przygladamy i zastanawiamy jak dajesz sobie rade z trudnosciami i niewygodami. Duzo pytan sie rodzi. Od takich najprostrzych - jak radzisz z dostepem do internetu, do takich bardziej po namysle - ile szczepien musiales przyjac przed taka wyprawa do Afryki? Pozdrawiam :)
11 years, 3 months ago
Gratuluje pomysłu i odwagi by go zrealizować. Zazdroszczę przeżyć i życzę powodzenia w dalszej wyprawie.
A co do osób które pokonały tę trasę, a raczej jej Afrykański odcinek to jest jeszcze trójka (Maciej, Rysiek, Mario) w latach 2009/2010 .
Opis ich wyprawy można znaleźć w książce "Afryka. Przekrój podłużny. Rowerowe safari z Kairu do Kapsztadu" lub na blogu